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Aluminous material technology of spray of finishing fluorine carbon
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<P><FONT&nbspface=Verdana> Finishing comes to &nbsp aluminous material for years, all oxidize for positive pole. Oxidize to can be achieved film is firm with color luster, do profile of aluminous door window domestic and internationally to using name of what aluminium alloy, had serious choice, choose 6063 alloy finally (China is LD31) . This alloy characteristic: Extruding function squashs very easily, moderate strength, the key is to have good oxidation performance, give profile of aluminous door window a good adornment side. This expression is in: Oxidation film is easy generate and firmness is tall. Oxidation film ply and chromatism can be controlled, strong luster of chromatic and adherent force. But oxidation is chromatic color has white and bronze-coloured only, color is drab. Because oxidation production technology is,put aluminous capable person into oxidation chamfer clean in fluid, oxidation, chromatic with sealing of hole. Groovy fluid is be made up by a variety of chemical elements and become, every oxidation a batch of aluminous material, the chemical component inside groovy fluid is changing, because this chamfer fluid is alterable value, oxidation is chromatic the aluminous material that come out always has off color, place naked eye to look alone not apparent, if large area is put together, criterion the expression with very clear off color comes out. So wall of aluminium board act can use oxygen pole this world to change processing anything but. Otherwise wall of aluminium board act will be special malformation, building of Chongqing downtown commerce is. The generation of &nbsp<BR> electrostatic spray, make act wall aluminous board finishing gets settlement, make not only off color decrescent and the aluminium that can receive a variety of facial expression board. Electrostatic spray divides: Flour spray and fluorine carbon spray, the raw material of flour spray is: Get together ammoniac fat, get together ammoniac colophony, epoxy resin, hydroxyl gets together fat colophony and colophony of polyester of annulus oxygen / , can make up a variety of color. The characteristic   of flour spray: Spray equipment has handmade  , automatic condole hangs type, construction ply of simple, coating is 30 micron above, fight concussion, wear-resisting is brushed, anticorrosion, be able to bear or endure await a gender to wait all good, coating price is cheaper than fluorine carbon. Flour spray is the biggest the weakness is to be afraid of illuminate of sun ultraviolet ray, long-term illuminate can cause natural fade, face of aluminium board exposed to the sun and the off color after be not face of exposed to the sun a few years is clear,   is 2-5 commonly year produce   of clear off color. The name appears on the market now child call color aluminous profile, use at aluminous door window, become with spray of flour of common aluminous profile namely. Make breed of color of aluminous door window increases, also increase at the same time fight corrode ability. Another kind of electrostatic spray is &nbsp<BR> liquid state spray, call fluorine carbon spray again, hong Kong calls oil of curium mend with cramps. Attribute price of spray of high quality scales taller, apply already in abroad. Come nearly 2 years in home ability large area is used at aluminium board act wall, as a result of its exceedingly good characteristic, more and more the attention that is reached an user by bldg. and favour. Carbolic spray has fluorine to fight fade sex exceedingly goodly, fight frost sex, the Chinese People's Anti-Japanese Military and Political College to enrage pollution (acid rain) caustic, fight ultraviolet ability strong, crack resistance is strong and can bear soup environment. It is general paint place not as good as. &nbsp<BR> one, raw material of fluorine carbon spray and makings of spray of carbon of structural &nbsp<BR> fluorine are slant in order to get together vinyl &nbspnCH2CF2&nbsp roast &nbsp(CH2CF2)n(PVDF)&nbsp is 2 fluorine base makings or the paint that match metallic aluminium powder to be lubricious makings to be made. Fluorine carbon base key closes to be united in wedlock with fluorine / carbonization in the chemical structure of makings () seeing a picture, the structure that &nbsp<BR> has short key quality this kind and pH indicator union think the stablest the firmest union, the stability on chemical structure and firm make the physical property of fluorine carbon coating is different from general paint. Besides the wearability in mechanical performance side, impact resistance has good performance outside, show in atrocious weather and environment especially fight fade sex for a long time, fight ultraviolet light function. 60 time initial stage begins to be used at the project plastic, use at lead and cable, american Pennwalt chemical company will get together above all 1965 slant 2 fluorine ethylene is base makings and synthesis of metallic particle aluminium powder build paint of the face that use a fish trap, call a metal lacquer again, serve as brand with Kynar 500. From this world manufacturer begins to use Kynar 500 to make a respective fluorine carbon coating overspread face lacquer early or late, will satisfy the besmear of aluminous material of inside and outside of high-grade building room to install, the choice of extensive color, beautiful and grave exterior, reach wear to be world each district a lot of grand act wall edifices added luster. Coating manufacturer begins to be 10 years to the assurance of coating service life, develop 15 years to be able to assure 20 years. Research organization of &nbsp<BR> United States ever reached super coating, general paint to had done a test to compare to fluorine carbon coating, respectively the appearance of coating put in American Florida city glowing sunshine illuminate, and in moisture harsh environment issues airy of the portion that contain salt expose 12 years, the stability that proves fluorine carbon coating actually and wear are compared other two kinds of coating are mixed 30 high 80 percent, fluorine carbon coating assured to be used below all sorts of harsh environments. A lot of fluorine carbon coating produce &nbsp<BR> world each district business, use Kynar 500 or Hylar 5000 generally to regard neon carbon as coating base makings  . Home has not passed the manufacturing business of appraisal normally. The manufacturer that basically produces fluorine carbon coating has: &nbsp<BR>1. British 1CI company; 2. American PPG company; 3. American Valspar(Hua Shiba) company; 4. Qi Xin of DNT Singapore(big Japan adds slope company) ;  5. Japanese Kawsai(closes on the west) paint company;  6. Korea Korea chemical company; 7. Taiwan peak source controls paint company; &nbsp<BR> 2, requirement of technology of fluorine carbon spray and spray of carbon of standard &nbsp<BR> fluorine regard high-grade surface as measure of besmear outfit technology, the quality requirement of whole process is very strict, manufactory of coating of the carbon that divide fluorine needs to obtain quality to permit ability to produce Kynar 500 to be base the   outside the fluorine carbon coating of makings, with the whole finishing process of painting firm, include pre-treatment course, spray process needs to have strict quality control to solidify process, the quality   that   installs with making sure aluminous material besmears. AAMA of standard of manufacturing industry association is built with the United States in nowadays of bound of fluorine carbon spray one 605.02.90 for main basis,   standard of this one spray, by fair consider as an examination besmear outfit quality main international standard  . It is the main index that AAMA concerns fluorine carbon spray in 605.02.90 standards below. &nbsp<BR> is in AAMA standard, much place is mentioned regard a test as the standard with city of the Florida austral the United States, because,be the climate over there with damp, high temperature, sunshine is illuminated continuously and celebrated, because this considers as pair of coating quality the harsh environment of the examination. There still is level of a few as similar as American AAMA-605.02.90 standard inspections on &nbsp<BR> world, also use quality of spray of judgement fluorine carbon. They are: &nbsp<BR>1. " of British BS6496-1984 standard builds aluminium alloy profile, the besmear of plank installs standard " . &nbsp<BR>2. " of German GSBRAL-RC 631 1994 standard builds aluminous material quality to check a level. &nbsp<BR>3. Besmear of ability of metal of " of Australian AS3715-1989 standard installs standard " . &nbsp<BR>4. One 1993" of south Africa SABS builds besmear of the aluminous material outdoor to install standard " . &nbsp<BR>5. Swiss " bldg. uses aluminous material besmear to install standard "1994. Standard of association of manufacturing industry of building of &nbsp<BR> United States (pick) AAMA one 605. 02. 90&nbsp<BR> 3, the equipment of fluorine carbon spray and decision of function of itself of coating of carbon of craft &nbsp<BR> fluorine, spray equipment must assure to have outstanding pulverization effect, assure the uniformity of spray layer, the metal in fluorine carbon coating distributings atomicly, affect the exterior result of coating directly. Coating is even, the fluorine carbon coating with fine quality has metallic burnish, the stereo sense with bright, clear color. And the coating of fluorine carbon gush that uses improper spray device, can produce color not all, exterior shadowiness or coating are not firm. Affected the adornment result of fluorine carbon greatly, good to achieve spray effect, all use maximum pressure electrostatic and electric spray gun. The country such as France, United States, Japan, Germany produces an all sorts of multiform brands spray gun. Each have a characteristic. Craft of spray of &nbsp<BR> fluorine carbon is used more multilayer spray &nbsp, the wear that distributes lacquer of brandish Kynar 500 metal in order to fill, be able to bear or endure the dominant position that states a gender, from aluminous material before finishing needs to control quality strictly to each spray process, end item must achieve the United States to build standard of AAMA-605.02.90 of manufacturing industry association. Technological process of spray of &nbsp<BR> fluorine carbon is: &nbsp<BR> pre-treatment flow: Of aluminous material go → of bath of oily decontamination → is alkaline wash (defatted) chromium of → of bath of → of pickling of → bath → changes technological process of spray of &nbsp<BR> of pure bath of → bath → : → of lacquer of clear-lacquering of → of lacquer of face of → of gush priming paint is roast (180-250 ℃ ) &nbsp<BR> of → qualitative check is multilayer spray craft with 3 spray (abbreviation 3 gush) , gush underside lacquer, face lacquer and clear-lacquering lacquer and 2 spray () of lacquer of priming paint, face. &nbsp<BR>1. The purpose of pre-treatment: Before   of aluminium alloy profile, plank undertakes spray, workpiece surface should reach chemical processing via oily in the past decontamination, convert film in order to produce chromium, increase coating and metallic surface adhesion and antirust capacity, be helpful for extending the use fixed number of year of paint film. &nbsp<BR>2. Priming paint coating: As close the priming paint coating of bottom material, its action depends on raising coating impervious to show ability, strengthen the protection of pair of bottom material, stable metal expresses facing, enhance the adherent power of surface of face lacquer and metal, can assure the color uniformity of face lacquer coating, lacquer layer ply is 5-10 micron commonly. &nbsp<BR>3. Face lacquer coating: Face lacquer coating is a   of spray layer key, color is decorated in what need at providing aluminous material place, make aluminous material exterior achieves design requirement, and protect metallic face do not get outside ambient air, acid rain, of pollution erode, prevent ultraviolet ray to penetrate. Soar to fight ageing ability by force greatly, face lacquer coating is the layer of the thickest a lacquer in spray, lacquer layer ply is 23-30 micron commonly. &nbsp<BR>4. Clear-lacquering lacquer coating: Clear-lacquering lacquer coating also calls varnish coating,   main purpose is more effective land increases lacquer layer to fight the outside to erode ability, protect face lacquer coating, add luster of metal of face lacquer colorific, the exterior more color is bright, glow, coating ply is 5-10 micron commonly. Total ply of 3 spray layer is 40-60 micron commonly, of special need can add thick. &nbsp<BR>5. Solidify processing: 3 spray layer needs solidify 2 times commonly, aluminous material enters solidify furnace processing, solidify temperature is in commonly 180 ℃ - between 250 ℃ , solidify time is 15-25 minute, coating of different fluorine carbon produces manufacturer  , metropolis the coating according to oneself, provide first-rate temperature and time. Factory of chloric carbon spray (oily factory of curium mend with cramps) also some him basises experience the two solidify instead when 3 gush solidify. &nbsp<BR>6. Quality inspection: Quality inspection should press AAMA-605.02.90 standard. Strict quality checks ability to assure product of high quality spray. &nbsp<BR> 4, &nbsp<BR> of current situation of spray of carbon of our country fluorine develops quickly in last few years as our country bldg. , what act wall course of study is in our country is arisen, aluminous profile asks a variety of color, of course of study of wall of aluminous material act arisen, be in especially after realising aluminium answer plywood is used not easily at the high level to build, our country monolayer is aluminous board the growth that the need quantity of the coating of fluorine carbon gush of the profile that reach aluminium compares 90 time early days to have twice. There is 2 curiums oily plant the earliest before in Guangdong only (namely factory of major of fluorine carbon spray) begin from 95 years up to now our country increases many 30, also be rush up in a crowd, handmade also has automation, dimensions has have greatly small, build in more take littoral. Built professional spray plant not only, and plant of individual aluminium timber and act wall company also invest build spray plant, still maintain the company is small and whole system. Now only more than 10 formal put into production, have apparent quality difference. The facility of fluorine carbon spray that &nbsp<BR> home builds is design of France, United States, Germany, Japan more, introduce computer software, the different type that introduces all sorts of countries is electrostatic spray gun  . Overhead suspension has   of half overhead suspension, overhead suspension namely the pre-treatment of aluminous material and spray, solidify process, aluminous material is suspension rises entirely, operate workpiece to walk on hoisting by computer. Clean, for many times spray, solidify ends till spray a product. This kind full automatic line home is not much, investment is larger. Another kind of pre-treatment that is aluminium board is handled in fluid of a few chamfer (the) of clear washing trough that oxidizes like aluminous material positive pole, chromium is changed also undertake in groovy fluid, rise aluminous material suspension again next, work walks on hanger, working procedure of solidify of the spray that finish until give a product. Domestic condole hangs a line to grow from 100 meters now the 420 meters longest  . Spray of carbon of general and automatic fluorine is multi-purpose at aluminium board exterior spray, because aluminous profile stipulates length is 6 meters, form is registered in general and automatic condole 6 meters long automatic ribbon is dangerous turn it is difficult to reach spray to have, the company of oil of the first professional curium that 90 years earlier Hong Kong builds the earliest in Guangdong calls oil of successful and professional curium company   in Hong Kong, built the whole nation's longest 420 meters to grow again recently full automatic condole hangs line of fluorine carbon spray, equipment of fluorine carbon spray uses the electrostatic device that France produces. Not only can gush the aluminium of all sorts of norms, ply board, and OK still and automatic spray grows aluminous profile 6 meters, year spray area 600 thousand smooth rice, also be now home is the the biggest, longest, profile plank all the line of a spray of automatic gush. Any &nbsp<BR> products, of the equipment of production product advanced and backward, it is to produce character to measure main factor of course, but what often visit facility is overweight, it is good to seem to want facility only, can produce a good product, the fact is not such, technical software is more significant, without technical staff of Gao Shuiping, skilled worker, only fine installation also does not produce the product that gives satisfaction, no less than a driver with not tall road-sense,   drives one runs quickly car, same meeting gives an accident. Of fluorine carbon spray extremely technical strong, the spray line that goes up newly in home, debug normally have 2-3 the month is OK, but some debugs half an year to be moved more for long even bad, this did not show the value of technical experience. Had produced a project to pursue cheap recently, let just the spray factory gush of test-drive is close 1000 smooth rice aluminium board, the result is: Off color is very big, film is deep not all, only little part can be used, affected the date of hand over a completed project of act wall badly, offer a piece of advice when the user is selecting spray plant, should visit facility not only advanced degree, also want to take technical staff condition and experience seriously, that is to say also should take software seriously, do not pursue cheap only. &nbsp<BR> anyhow: Fluorine carbon spray is in our country is a kind of newer product, we should understand it to know it stage by stage, ability uses it correctly. &nbsp</FONT></P>
The &nbsp<BR> of craft of fluorine coating spray with common <P><FONT&nbspface=Verdana> besmears outfit bound besmears fluorine coating furnish has cent is now spray and roll besmear two kinds. Coating can use the methodological besmear Fu such as electrostatic spray, thermal spraying and fluid-bed dip besmear, and liquid coating can use the method such as spray and dip besmear. Not agglutinant coating loads the fluorine colophony that &nbsp<BR> will made up inside spray gun hopper, with depurative compression air undertakes spray. Spray gun pressure is 0.4 ~ 0.6MPa, spray distance is 200 ~ 250mm. In spray process, general spray ply control is inside limits of 0.01 ~ 0.02mm, change in high temperature model otherwise easy occurrence chap is mixed in the process elephant skin. In installing besmear good workpiece park oven dry 10 ~ 20min, the model in sending muffle again is changed, model changes temperature to be 340 ~ 380 ℃ , model changes time to be 10 ~ 30min, the work that model turns has heat treatment. The purpose of heat treatment depends on reducing the crystallization of coating to spend, the coating that avoids internal stress to cause falls off, enhance the tenacity of coating and adherent power thereby. <BR></FONT></P>
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