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The besmear of bilge lacquer fits plan
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<P><FONT&nbspface=Verdana> Bilge of &nbsp bilge Qi You is antirust lacquer and bilge are anti-fouling form a complete set of two kinds of coating comprises lacquer. Bilge is antirust lacquer is anti-fouling the rock-bottom coating of lacquer, direct besmear outfit is on armor plate or use as what intermediate layer prevents armor plate is rustily and prevent anti-fouling Qi Zhong is inorganic poisonous stuff is right of armor plate corrode; Bilge is anti-fouling lacquer is to prevent shipping not to suffer ocean adheres to microbially, what maintain bilge in proper time internal energy is smooth with cleanness, raise speek of a ship or plane with this and managing fuel. The limits a plant that 1 bilge coating allows in economic technology index lengthens &nbsp<BR>     as far as possible service life. Show each country to use lasting effect bilge extensively antirust lacquer, use at the same time from polishing bilge anti-fouling lacquer, general design is period effect 3 years the following. Sail as marine so, anti-fouling lacquer releases poisonous material ceaselessly and dissolve, when shipping is maintained regularly, what need to develop remaining with high-pressured water only is anti-fouling lacquer adheres to with a few sea organisms, and when antirust lacquer is in good condition still, want recoat only outfit is anti-fouling lacquer can. The developed country has underwater to blow a ship implement, can be in directly to large naval ships and auxiliary boat underwater blows the biology that eliminate the of great capacity in order to lengthen anti-fouling period effect. Alow uses lasting effect anticorrosive priming paint and without stannum anti-fouling the development trend that lacquer is bilge coating. </FONT></P>
2 bilge lacquer can use <P><FONT&nbspface=Verdana>     high pressure does not have gas spray, handiwork to brush the means construction such as besmear, roller besmear. Divide antirust priming paint to tall solid, use high pressure not to have gas spray to be able to achieve more expensive thin coating thick, place of equilateral to welding line, rivet horn wants a to brush besmear by hand first. Want 2 times of bilge rolled steel to reach Sa21/2 level commonly except rust, purify besmears after smeary, dirt the coating with outfit even mix. Use coating designs a requirement strictly according to form a complete set, the dry film ply with must be achieved certain just has lasting effect anticorrosive effect. To rise antirust lacquer is mixed anti-fouling exert oneself is added between the layer of lacquer, want besmear to install coating of a layer intermediate normally. The dry time that each coating besmears want to notice coating when outfit and the the shortest, longest blot out install time-interval. </FONT></P>
3 bilge of <P><FONT&nbspface=Verdana>     are anti-fouling odd constituent is like Qi Yi, but as a result of anti-fouling the content of poisonous makings in lacquer is high, often appear precipitation phenomenon. Can join in coating recipe prevent heavy dose right amountly, want before construction complete coating agitate even. </FONT></P>
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