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The main demand that project machine heavies repair
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<P><FONT&nbspface=Verdana>1. The   of technical appraisement &nbsp<BR> before &nbsp heavies repair is current, project machine some overhaul is to restore its more of function repair, after the machine passes longer movement, the ageing of main part and each assembly already all reached the limit, reason should have the machine disintegrate entirely, clean, check and repair, make its function reachs the level when leaving factory. &nbsp<BR>   project needs to undertake technical appraisement before mechanical overhaul, chair by the technical chief of use unit, management, maintenance and drive staff plays, undertake to each component of the machine not of the function such as the pressure before disintegrate, discharge, temperature and torque detect, and the data such as archives of technology of check and approve and locomotive record, check fuel and lubricating oil in detail use up, had made detailed record. The concerned overhaul parameter that offers with place of raw production manufacturer next tries to compare, whether to need in order to decide to heavy repair. The main technical condition that &nbsp<BR>   determines to whether project machine needs to heavy repair is: Index of performance of power of engine of ⑴ of &nbsp<BR>     falls 20 % above; The 1 times above that ovterfulfil the quota of engine oil wastage is worth; The air cylinder pressure of engine sets the 60 % of index in the short of when temperature achieves 45 ℃ above to measure. ⑵ of &nbsp<BR>     main transfer machinery is main the spare parts wears away reach ultimate level, have slant place, abnormal knocking, bump and shake wait for a phenomenon. The gap after ⑶ of &nbsp<BR>     turns to an orgnaization to wear away is too big, operate malfunction; Transmission gear and axis wear away serious, shift gears difficulty or often jump block; Brake compose wears away badly, function of apply the brake drops or invalidation, and cannot adjust. Main body of frame of ⑷ of &nbsp<BR>     is out of shape or craze; Equipment wears away serious, operate malfunction; Cannot finish normal workload, or requirement of exercise precision short of; Walk the orgnaization wears away badly, cannot work normally. &nbsp<BR>     2. When the machine of project of choice &nbsp<BR>   of &nbsp overhaul method heavies repair into the factory, should undertake to departmental cent in group disintegrate, measure, examination and appraisal, the cylinder bushing that reachs engine to each components of each assembly, crankshaft undertake wear and tear detects, the basis that whether so that get,changes. General bigger to wearing away campaign need changes; To the component that a few inconvenience change, appropriate uses solder to fill, the craft such as plating of thermal spraying, brush and plating chromium restores its devise measure formerly. Unwarranted quality, the part that needs to change should buy former manufacturer or the spare parts that appoint synergic manufacturer according to the requirement. &nbsp<BR>   maintains methodological cent to be: Be repaired with respect to the car and change assembly is repaired. Repair a law with respect to the car, repairing spare parts of process lieutenant general to go up from the machine namely ordinal tear open below, the course is cleaned, detect, classification and rehabilitate or change, assemble afresh again finally, repair a method with achieving those who rehabilitate property. Stop with respect to what the car repairs a law to take up machine repair time longer. &nbsp<BR>   changes assembly repairs a law, outside in repairing a process namely, undertaking rebuilding except will original frame, the assembly that needs to already damaged the others only or fittings are torn open entirely below, change beforehand already (or repair) good assembly or fittings, assemble after that repair a method overally. This law can decrease greatly stop of machine repair time, be helpful for heightening repairman effect, reduce cost and assure to maintain quality. This also is the most popular maintenance method in American maintenance system, this mechanical to using an unit to rise rate of equipment in good condition, utilization rate and manufacturing efficiency are having important sense. &nbsp<BR>     3. ⑴ of   of   of &nbsp note &nbsp<BR> notices to eliminate safe hidden danger. Should notice to eliminate safe hidden danger in overhaul process, be like: The clearance that adjusts brake, change the clutch that wore away chafes piece and make the seat of cab can be adjusted up and down conveniently, and eliminate a few pose the safe hidden danger that drives to get hurt to malfunction with the machine with maintenance technician easily. Strengthen labor protection consciousness of the driver, when the test that has machine danger sex, should stay all round have enough space and safeguard (be like: The accident that grab engine produces disintegrate easily when having test of peak load movement to injure a person) . The specifications after &nbsp<BR> ⑵ should undertake maintaining checks. Of mechanical equipment repairing quality is the main index that measures maintenance level, it is use unit whether satisfaction and repair odd potential energy to deny live the key of development. The test basis of mechanical equipment specifications is " machinery management is normative " , " mechanical quality standard " and the main technique parameter that former manufacturer offers. The mechanical equipment after overhaul should undertake specifications checks, give out overhaul evaluation. The mechanical equipment that leaves factory to already fostering cordial relations between states, if happen,quality problem is repaired in using a process correctly, maintenance manufacturer should come in time to serve, it is difficult that for the user platoon care is solved. After ⑶ of &nbsp<BR>     does good overhaul dog service. Establish the maintenance record of overhaul project machine, and the performance characteristics that repairs an unit to should make sure inside proper time the project mechanical energy after repairing obtains a provision and good use condition. If produce minor failure,be in inside this one deadline, classics the person that after adjusting, can eliminate, answer to be solved by use unit proper motion. Because produce bigger change,be like. Parts attaint, serious leakage oil, slack, flat reach leakage of electricity to wait must ravel when main part undertakes repairing, answer by send long unit announcement to repair an unit to undertake checking jointly, seasonable rehabilitate, in order to reduce machine down time, the machine after making heavy repair can maintain as far as possible work below good position. &nbsp<BR></FONT></P>
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