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Oven introduction reachs his to use a note to sum up a specification
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  oven is to use secondary floor of electric heat silk to heat the equipment that makes an object dry. It applies to ℃ of taller than room temperature 5~300 (some is tall 200 ℃ ) of limits carbonado earth up, dry, heat treatment, sensitivity is ± normally 1 ℃ . Its model is very much, but basic structure is similar, mix by system of casing, electric heat commonly control lukewarm system automatically 3 parts composition.  

Its use reach a note to sum up as follows:  

  1. Oven should be put indoors dry be in with the level, prevent vibration and corrode.  

  2. Want to notice safety uses phone, install the knife of power source brake of sufficient capacity according to electric power of oven bad news. Choose enough power source lead, due and good ground wire.  

  3. Contain electric contact mercury thermometric type is lukewarm accuse implement oven should receive two lead of electric contact thermometer the two wiring column to roof to go up respectively. Additional in inserting a common and mercuric thermometer exhaust valve, (the thermometer in exhaust valve is to be used proofread what actual temperature uses inside thermometer of electric contact mercury and observation box) the hole that opens exhaust valve. Adjust the on cap of close solid steel screw after thermometer of electric contact mercury requires temperature to place, in order to achieve the goal of constant temperature. But outside scale foot do not reaching demonstrative Tie Xuan when must noticing to adjust.  

  4. Work when all preparation be in order is rear but will try article put oven inside, join next and open power source, red indicator light is bright express to already heated inside box. When temperature achieves place to accuse temperature, red light extinguishs green light to shine, begin constant temperature. To prevent lukewarm accuse malfunction, still must attend.  

  5. Put try when tasting, should notice to arrange cannot too close. Should not put on heat sink try article, lest affect hot air current,flow up. Prohibit bake explodes combustibly, easily, easy volatilize reach mordant article.  

  6. When need observes condition of the sample inside atelier, can outside open box door, pass through vitreous door observation. But box door with leaving less as far as possible had better, lest affect constant temperature. It is when the job especially when 200 ℃ above, open box door makes likely vitreous door suddenly cold and burst.  

  7. Have the oven of blast, heating and in the process of constant temperature must air-blower open, affect the uniformity of atelier temperature and attaint heating element otherwise.  

  8. Seasonable dump answers after the job ends, ensure safe.  

  9. Oven inside and outside should maintain clean.  

  10. When using, temperature does not exceed the highest use temperature of oven.  
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