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Transducer of homebred 2500kW/6kV high pressure uses an analysis
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As technology of high-pressured frequency conversion mature with each passing day and energy-saving fall the bad news, market requirement that raises economic benefits more and more deepen, technology of high-pressured frequency conversion is siding with voltage the way with bigger, more superior performance expands taller, power. High-power and the market prospect that exceed transducer of high-power high pressure increasingly by value inside course of study. How to solve transducer of high-power high pressure to be in design, production, make, the technical difficult problem in application, become the key that opens market of transducer of domestic high-power high pressure.
     is current, because the technical threshold of frequency conversion of high-power high pressure is higher,; is held by foreign brand all the time because of market of product of high pressure of this 2000kW above. Transducer of high pressure of the Harsvert-A06/300 that electric technology limited company produces Beijing benefit De Huafu 2500kW transforms the success application on the project in frequency conversion of oil field water injecting pump, sufficient watch understands frequency conversion of homebred high-power high pressure to had obtained materiality to make progress on crucial technology, its actual application fill that casts carry to be product of homebred 2000kW above a home is blank.
The application of transducer of     2500kW high pressure basically needs to solve paralell connection of power parts of an apparatus, equipment to come loose the relevant technology issue such as refrigeration of hot, environment and field assembly.
      2   big electric current outputs problem                             
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