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Technology of advanced besmear outfit makes medium applying in the car (in)
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2.  maintenance is convenient

     retroflexions as a result of RoDip-3 chain mechanization device of the system decorates advanced processing and electrophoresis of each technology division outside side, special facilitating maintenance technician is close to and maintain, the structure is more simple, put an end to the interact of the technology division of mechanization and pre-treatment electrophoresis at the same time, technology division is caused to mechanization equipment hard corrode. The instruction that because do not have place of slope of the fluctuation that hang catenary,forms at the same time, roDip-3 chain retroflexions the driving force that the system needs is lesser.

3.  managing cost

    RoDip-3 chain retroflexions the imports and exports of craft dip chamfer that the system is handled afore and the application in electrophoresis cancelled pre-treatment electrophoresis paragraph, reduced the volume of dip chamfer, can reduce a technological equipment below general reason condition thereby the investment cost of about 10% . What wait as a result of pump, pipeline at the same time is corresponding decrease, make the moving cost of pre-treatment and electrophoresis decreased 20% . At present RoDip-3 already was in Shanghai the masses the pre-treatment of line of 2 factories paint and electrophoresis investment run one factory and strange luck, the result is favorable.

     data makes clear: RoDip-3 chain retroflexions the technology is more than 20 to automobile body crop / the result of the system of route of serial production paint of H is very favorable. Be less than 20 to crop / the line of intermittent type paint of H, dewar company research and development a kind of RoDip-3 car that has good craft adaptability retroflexions technology. By walk electric machinery and rotate a side that electric machinery, runner shaft coming back and the proper motion car that automobile body tabulator makes are located in craft chamfer, realize the whirl of automobile body. Its craft time, retroflexion time of movement, waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall and the around inside groove swing to all can be finished through process designing, special the paint line that applies to low yield.

     handles technology afore, the application that processes device, silty and cleared device and PT-RO system to wait except liquid waste of scrap device, oiliness at present is more wide. To electrophoresis hind rinse craft, at present apt is used only clean pure water gush is washed, rinse otherly reach dip to wash all use UF fluid to undertake, on a few product line, be like strange luck the paint line of 2 factories, because ED-RO water replaces clean pure bath, after electrophoresis rinse came true to seal closed loop thoroughly. To UBS craft, normally system of system of convert slippery prize, push rod catenary and system of proper motion car a string of 1 trailer body realizes spray. Current, one kind retroflexions automobile body the mechanization of 180 ° installs buy applicable to go up at UBS craft. The robot is versed in here use more and more general. When using robot spray, the stability that automobile body runs and the accuracy that stop to locate in the begining in robot spray are particularly important, in at this moment line of convert slippery prize and automobile body retroflexion car line is more applicable.
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