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Xi Menzi transducer- - product introduction
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One, real vector control
CHE series transducer uses DSP to control a system, finish true not having speed sensor vector is controlled (open loop vector is controlled) , control photograph comparing with V/F, vector control has bigger advantage.
2, economy structure
CH E series transducer is simple and easy model transducer, basically face client of form a complete set, can satisfy the functional requirement of major client.
Keyboard makes outside independence: Realize this machine clavier and outside the surveillance of moving condition of the double control that makes keyboard and transducer, keyboard makes outside LED: For simple and easy model clavier, can realize all functions of this machine clavier, keyboard makes outside LCD: Offer Chinese to show, and inside embed parameter to copy a function quickly
Serial communication function: Offer port of RS485 physics communication, MODBUS   RTU and ASC Ⅱ are embedded inside mode of two kinds of communication
Terminal function: Offer rich terminal to control a function to choose for user freedom
3, main technique parameter
1, output frequency limits: 0.00~600.00Hz
2, speed controls fashion: The vector that do not have PG is controlled (SVC) , V/F control
3, instruction passageway means: Operate control of face plate, terminal, long-range communication control
4, frequency gives way: Keypad is given, imitate quantity is given (signal of electric current, voltage) , long-range communication is given, multistage fast give, PID closed circuit is given etc.
5, starting torsion is big: 0.5Hz/150% (SVC)
6, limits of carrier wave frequency: 1.0K ~ 15.0KHz;  
7, speed controls precision: ±  (SVC) of 0.5% top speed;
8, automatic voltage adjusts (AVR) : When voltage of electrified wire netting changes, can hold output automatically tension is constant
9, automatic current limliting: Can restrict the maximum of electric machinery electric current, protect transducer and electric machinery reliably thereby
10, the control that place frequency: Curves of a variety of trigonometry wave frequency, satisfy the personalized requirement of spin industry
11, muti_function QUICK/JOG key: Can do muti_function key-press is used, a variety of application of contented user want

12, terminal of all inputs, output all is programmable, the use of convenient user
Dependability design
1, independent air channel designs   whole set
Air channel of whole set independence, radiator installation means is cabinet put oneself in another's position inside, outside cabinet put oneself in another's position optional, fan changes convenient, transducer is safeguarded simple, great raised transducer to be in the spin, printing and dyeing, chemical fibber, papermaking, dependability that pulls silk, cement to make the applied environment that waits for an industry to differ fall to move for a long time;
2, design of voltage of   wide electrified wire netting
Voltage of input of electrified wire netting is in - 15%~15% , transducer but safety moves, the user is beardless and other processing,
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