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Coating and besmear outfit technology use a field
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<P><FONT&nbspface=Verdana> &nbsp as a result of enormous environmental protection pressure, coating replaces liquid paint to had made current main trend ceaselessly, as coating and the improvement that besmear installs a technology, the applied field of coating will be bigger. Coating and the improvement that besmear installs a technology are main the growth of industry of source white automobile, home appliance industry and requirement of common industry field, include what raw material, milling and besmear install a technology to wait to exhibit among them improve. Pulverous besmear outfit expands ceaselessly in the application of automobile industry, car batholith, interior trim, hub and automobile body all begin to use pulverous besmear outfit. The car improves with the technology of coating include: The transparency of transparent powder, adherent force, stream smooth sex and fight ultraviolet light sex: Drop solidify temperature as far as possible below the premise that assures coating exterior and function; And all sorts of besmear install a technology (if technology of control of robot technology, breath is mixed,go up high pink leads a technology) etc. &nbsp<BR> &nbsp coating besmear installs besmear beforehand plate (roll material) grow quickly in the application of home appliance industry, requirement coating can finish melt, flow to flow inside 25 ~ 60s gentle solidify whole process, the film outward appearance that keeps good at the same time and all sorts of fighting quality. Home appliance must have certain epigenesis sex with coating, its shape degree depend on final utility. The board that besmear has installed ought to can fold put together, the besmear of film of scumble of common metal plate installs linear velocity to ought to achieve 30 ~ 80fpm, roll the linear velocity that material besmear installs should achieve 100fpm. Additionally air current is controlled (or reduce) , on pink is led or charge move rate should be controlled in groove. The line is held in tall besmear fast the improvement of next solidify film exteriors is the main attack way that technology of home appliance coating improves, it involves infra-red smooth wavelengh / the matching of illumination intensity and coating and bottom material is problem, fast shed smooth convection to heat with the induction surface of solidify means, pulverous film is successional good solidify program, and the clean degree of whole solidify system. &nbsp</FONT></P>
The development of industry of <P><FONT&nbspface=Verdana>   automobile and home appliance industry promoted the development of system of special type coating and besmear outfit technology, the application in common industry coating is in the special coating that appeared to apply to different technology to grow ceaselessly, enter stage by stage previously hard the domain of sortie (because color asks,speed of outfit of overmuch, besmear crosses bleeding of fast, coating serious, coating is overmuch wait for) . Go up in market of common industry coating because coating can offer the product of all sorts of batch to make another large window with satisfying the requirement of a lot of small client. Increase of milling equipment supplier and raw material supplier to also make a lot of regional paint suppliers add coating product line ceaselessly, meanwhile, mature European market has new coating raw material and besmear furnish equipment to come out ceaselessly however. &nbsp</FONT></P>
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