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The control circuit of transducer and a few kinds of common breakdown are analys
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[Keyword] interference of   of circuit of control of   transducer  
Summary: Basically introduced transducer to control circuit structure and its interference rejection, analysed transducer at the same time a few kinds of common breakdown.  
1  foreword  
  produces the application with Sino-Japanese extensive increase in industry as transducer, know the structure of transducer, the electric character of main parts of an apparatus and the action of a few commonly used parameter, reach its common breakdown more and more show its value.  
2  transducer controls circuit  
  gives  (of asynchronous electromotor power supply voltage, frequency adjustable) the return that main circuit provides control signal, call control circuitry, if pursue,1 is shown. Control circuit comprises by the following circuit: The voltage of the operation circuit of frequency, voltage, main circuit, electric current detects the speed of circuit, electromotor detects the drive circuit that the circuit, control signal operation circuit undertakes magnifying, and the protective circuit of inverter and electromotor.  
  is nodded in graph  1 underline inside, detect without speed circuit is controlled for open loop. In control circuit increased speed to detect circuit, increase speed to dictate namely, can undertake controlling more accurate closed-loop control to the speed of asynchronous electromotor.  
1) operation circuit will be external the instruction such as speed, torsion detects together signal of the electric current of circuit, voltage undertakes comparative operation, decide the output voltage of inverter, frequency.  
2) voltage, electric current detects circuit  
  and advocate return potential segregation detects voltage, electric current.  
  of 3) drive circuit
  is the circuit of parts of an apparatus of drive main circuit, it and control circuit segregation make main circuit parts of an apparatus guides, close.  
4)I/0 input outputs circuit  
  is better for transducer interactive, the input  (that transducer has a variety of input signal moves for instance, multistage rate moves etc) signal, the output that still has all sorts of in-house parameter " for instance drive of act of electric current, frequency, protection) signal.  
5) speed detects circuit  
  is in with installing asynchronous is dynamoelectric the speed detector  (TG on axial machine, PLG) signal is speed signal, send operation return, can make according to instruction and operation electromotor runs by instruction speed.  
6) protects circuit  
  detects the voltage of main circuit, electric current, should produce overload or overvoltage to wait unusual when, to prevent inverter and asynchronous electromotor damage, make inverter quits the job or control cost of voltage, electric current.  
  inverter dominates the protective circuit in circuit, can divide for inverter protection and asynchronous electromotor protect two kinds, protective function is as follows  
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