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Transducer of homebred 2500kW/6kV high pressure uses an analysis
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      is nominal the effective look value of a quantity that the capacity is condition of refrigeration of 145 ℃ nature. Can say, not sensitive to running the requirement of temperature; should run transformer only temperature is worth 145 ℃ under academic design, so transformer can satisfy use requirement. But, the system reachs electric design target to assure the overload ability of transformer, cooling system uses B class to be isolated from the working temperature design of 130 ℃ . In other words, the cooling system of transformer ark can satisfy B class to work the moving need of type transformer, improved H class to do the moving requirement of type transformer undoubtedly, rose to run efficiency, loss of quantity of heat also is reduced subsequently. Because the moving temperature of transformer is higher, bigger, efficiency exceeds its loss low.
      basis is factual circumstance, the cooling system of transformer is designed and did not use rigid air channel structure, the cooling wind force that increased machine of ark against the wind to raise transformer ark however will achieve the goal that reduces equipment oneself temperature. Cooling system makes sure 45 ℃ circumstance issues environmental temperature, transformer achieves hot balance in 110 ℃ . Run the effect actually to make clear: Breed " below moving case of full load of ℃ of?1 of fat settleclear dew, equipment, transformer coil is the biggest temperature rise 65K, use groovy wind refrigeration to design OK and contented requirement under design standard; far.
      power ark is transducer runs medium another calorific principal part. Of IGBT of power parts of an apparatus the biggest allow to run temperature (crust temperature) cannot exceed 85 ℃ , exorbitant temperature rise can bring about tubal pressing to fall increase, hot loss increases; to form vicious circle, cause the quantity of heat inside parts of an apparatus to accumulate, because temperature is exorbitant,be brought about and burn down. Accordingly, must handle good power parts of an apparatus medicinal powder hot issue, ability assures sex of on the safe side. Before quantity of heat of small-power unit of product is inferior, medicinal powder heat and cooling system can have bigger abundant to measure and the element that is restricted is less. And 2500kW product, the unit quantity of heat of power parts of an apparatus increases, must consider air is cold medicinal powder; of hot power volume problem accordingly, come out the belt of quantity of heat of itself of parts of an apparatus effectively, and can apace passes quantity of heat appear outside the system particularly important.
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