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Finishing of international of the 5th lukewarm city reachs exhibition of environ

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Finishing of international of the 5th lukewarm city reachs <DIV><B> </B><B></B></DIV> of exhibition of environmental protection technology
<DIV><B>5<SUP>th&nbsp</SUP>Wenzhou&nbspInt</B><B> ' </B><B>l&nbspSurface&nbspFinishing&nbspand&nbspEnvironmental&nbspProtection&nbspTechnology&nbspExhibition</B></DIV>
<DIV><B>2008</B><B> year </B><B>&nbsp</B></DIV> of day of </B><B>7</B><B> month </B><B>10-12</B><B>
</B><B></B></DIV> of international exhibition center of <DIV><B> Wen Zhou
<DIV><B></B> </DIV>
<DIV><B> organizes an unit: </B></DIV>
</DIV> of government of <DIV> Wen Zhou's people
City of <DIV> lukewarm state eletroplates association </DIV>
<DIV> heart accept exhibits limited company </DIV>
<DIV><B> supports an unit: </B></DIV>
&nbsp</DIV> of commission of trade of economy of city of <DIV> Wen Zhou
</DIV> of environmental protection bureau of city of <DIV> Wen Zhou
</DIV> of association of project of <DIV> China surface
Association of project of <DIV> China surface eletroplates branch </DIV>
<DIV> Hong Kong eletroplates </DIV> of chamber of commerce of course of study
<DIV> </DIV>
<DIV><B> looks into 2008&nbsp</B></DIV>
<DIV>4 comes from eletroplate the professional grand meeting of base &nbsp</DIV>
<DIV> Wen Zhou, as eletroplate the industry collects base, through development of more than 20 years, no matter be,eletroplate the respect such as technical level or tooling level and business management of enterprise had great progress and progress. Eletroplate the production product of finishing is like stationery kind circuitry of product, model machine product, lighter, dry cell, electron board wait to have very strong competition dominant position on home, international market. Meanwhile, the ceaseless development of lukewarm state manufacturing industry increases what assume pressure ceaselessly with the environment, pull the inside and outside that moved clean production to needed sue for peace to create eletroplate the development foreground with vast industry. </DIV>
<DIV>4 brand history &nbspSF&nbspWENZHOU&nbsp</DIV>
<DIV> comes 4 years, finishing of lukewarm city international and exhibition of environmental protection technology (abbreviation SF WENZHOU) devote oneself to to be all the time well-known company provides first-rate commerce platform inside travel, come together to visit Shang Hui for a short while high-quality goods and show new technology. Today, SF WENZHOU covers numerous industry, come from the ginseng that spreads all over city of 15 many provinces to postpone business, SF WENZHOU  tightens the newest trends as the industry to lead China to eletroplate the market! </DIV>
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