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The 3rd China (Guangzhou) exhibition of international car hairdressing

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<P><FONT&nbspface=Verdana><FONT&nbspface=Verdana&nbspsize=3><STRONG> &nbsp the 3rd China (Guangzhou) </STRONG></FONT></FONT></P> of exhibition of international car hairdressing
<P><STRONG><FONT&nbspsize=3> Between the &nbsp when &nbsp</FONT></STRONG><FONT&nbspface=Verdana> : 2008.3. &nbsp13, 15<BR> &nbsp ground &nbsp nods: Guangzhou • China exports a trade fair (road drifting a flower 117) </FONT></P>
<P><FONT&nbspface=Verdana> Website of &nbsp ☆ congress: <A&nbsphref= "" ></A></FONT><FONT&nbspface=Verdana> <BR> sponsors an unit: Hong Kong of <BR> of union of trade of articles for use of automobile of whole nation of <BR> of association of equipment of the market after <BR> Asia-Pacific car, component industry international can exhibit Basite (group) Basite exhibits company &nbsp<BR> Guangzhou Guangzhou of limited company <BR> shows limited company inereasingly: Articles for use of automobile of <BR>2007-2008 whole nation (current service) banquet of couplet of chairman of chamber of commerce of industry of articles for use of automobile of whole nation of <BR> of forum of height of conserve of car of whole nation of <BR> of industry prize-giving ritual is met <BR> the 2nd China (Guangzhou) technology of international vehicle maintenance and repair, tool and equipment exhibition <BR> ■ market background The &nbsp<BR> rapid development as Chinese economy, of standard of living rise, the abidance that common people buys a car to measure grows, market of car after service jumps. The car serves as a kind of durable goods, of later period maintain become more abiding it is important to mix. Cause a giant industry thereby -- car hairdressing course of study. Statistic of home of United States of <BR> basis Europe, in the internationalization car market that matures completely in, of the car 20 % is occupied only in selling profit to be formed in the profit of whole car line of business, the profit that component supplies occupies 20 % , and the profit of 60 % of 50 % ~ serves the generation in course of study from the car. <BR> is in western developed country, of the market after course of study of car hairdressing conserve already took whole car 80% the left and right sides, and this domestic market is in development phase however. Expert estimation, the car that a value controls 100 thousand yuan, annual upkeep costs is in 4000 yuan of above, the more high-grade car, upkeep costs is met taller. Predict 2020 of all sorts of our country cars always retain the quantity will achieve 115 million, by every car year consumption is calculated 3000 yuan, to 2020, the market dimensions of car conserve course of study will be as high as 300 billion yuan. </FONT></P>
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