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Engine of 2008 Guangzhou car reachs fittings exhibition

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<P><FONT&nbspface=Verdana><FONT&nbspface=Verdana&nbspsize=3><STRONG> Engine of &nbsp2008 Guangzhou car reachs fittings exhibition </STRONG></FONT></FONT></P>
<P><FONT&nbspface=Verdana> Hua Na area is only distinguished gathering of car motor industry, global car engine is truckload form a complete set and purchase platform <BR> When between &nbsp: 2008.3. &nbsp13, 15<BR> &nbsp ground &nbsp nods: Guangzhou • China exports a trade fair (road drifting a flower 117) <BR> Website of &nbsp ☆ congress:<BR> <BR> <BR> sponsors an unit: Hong Kong of <BR> of limited company of advisory service of autocycle of car of dimension of spic of <BR> of guild of maintenance of autocycle of car of city of Zhuhai of <BR> of guild of maintenance of autocycle of car of city of Guangzhou of <BR> of association of equipment of the market after <BR> Asia-Pacific car, component industry international can exhibit Basite (, be on independence to change, the road of the development that dimensions changes. Add price of global raw material to rise ceaselessly, make the manufacturing cost of component manufacturer promotes considerably, the trend all the more of globalization of automobile industry catenary is apparent, more and more transnational corporation work component industry mediumly concentrated model the product is transferred to low cost country and area. And the optimal choice that the competitive advantage of the development foreground with Chinese car huge market and low cost product makes global component manufacturer. Because global car component is made and <BR> is purchased already became the fact that does not dispute to Chinese move, car component enterprise is divided as truckload as home manufacturer form a complete set and beyond the market after selling past carry out, seek reach with form a complete set of manufacturer of global car main engine develop broader market, participate in resource configuration and market competition inside global limits, already became cannot counter the tide that turn and tendency. </FONT></P>
<P><FONT&nbspface=Verdana> is exhibited this can get the United States is stationed in Guangzhou consulate, Japan commerce to revitalize orgnaization Guangzhou to represent house of trade of Korea of place, Guangzhou, France to be stationed in China chamber of commerce of labor of France of &nbsp of place of embassy Guangzhou economy, China, Malaysia is stationed in Guangzhou consulate general (commerical department) . "Engine of 2008 Guangzhou car and fittings exhibition " will become south territory of the market after first car of Chinese makes form a complete set reach is principal brand grand meeting. <BR> Guangdong: The whole nation's main car engine and <BR> of fittings circulation market are produced as this cropland, day, Feng Tian world-famous truckload production enterprise in succession settle Guangzhou, guangzhou is becoming our country's new-style car city in development, auto industry industry already made one of industries of 3 big pillar of Guangzhou industry. In the meantime, for central Huanade with Guangdong the area has the throughout the country the market after the oldest car makes work. The car sale that Guangdong saved 2005 already exceeded 300 thousand, 1/3 what occupy countrywide total sales, consumptive potential is tremendous. <BR> regards territory of the market after the car makes form a complete set reach as principal property -- motor manufacturing industry, in accompany Chinese automobile industry to develop at full speed, while car engine technology is innovated ceaselessly, brought unprecedented market space. So far, main component is the sale access of car engine of China 3 major: It is to follow directly truckload manufacturer form a complete set; 2 it is to pass each representative, agency, jobber, retailing shop to enter the market; 3 it is to pass maintenance industry to enter the market. And Guangdong is countrywide car engine and one of fittings circulation market. <BR> builds form a complete set of global car engine and the progress that purchase platform <BR> to be technology of engine of car of farther stimulative our country, offer to cooperate with manufacturer of car main engine for car engine company, the international exhibition that develops global market trades, communication platform. In March 2008 13-15 day, come from the whole world of 10 many countries and area famous the technology that exhibits business to will reveal newest car engine and fittings, make global car with all one's strength truckload form a complete set and purchase platform. <BR> ■ exhibit □ of meeting program <BR> <BR> to report for duty cloth exhibits: In March 2008 10-12 day &nbsp<BR> □ standard exhibits a cloth: In March 2008 11-12 day &nbsp<BR> □ installs enterprise cloth to exhibit especially: □ of 10-12 day <BR> revealed in March 2008 trade: In March 2008 13 - □ of 15 days of &nbsp<BR> concludes remove exhibit: &nbsp of <BR> □ ground nodded at 14 o'clock on March 15, 2008 afternoon: Guangzhou • China exports a trade fair (road drifting a flower 117) <BR> ■ flywheel of all sorts of &nbsp• of assembly of engine of ※ of car engine &nbsp<BR> , tine encircles ※ of <BR> of limits of item on display oil of item of &nbsp• carburettor • implement ※ of &nbsp<BR> of leather belt of &nbsp• of &nbsp• gaskets component, oil seal is other start systematic • crankshaft,<BR> ■ exhibit an expense &nbsp<BR> &nbsp churchyard exhibits <BR> A exhibits outside the condition kind B kind <BR> standard exhibits (2.4m of 3m × 3m or 3.6m × ) RMB&nbsp5500/ RMB&nbsp4500/ USD&nbsp1500/ ground of <BR> indoor light (hire since 36 square metre) ground of the light of <BR> of ㎡ of RMB&nbsp550/ ㎡ USD&nbsp150/ outdoor (hire since 54 square metre) : 1, double-faced mouth is exhibited add close 10% what exhibit a cost; &nbsp2, special outfit exhibit an administration fee (by exhibition separately collection) : 28 yuan / ㎡. <BR> ■ exhibit a standard of configuration <BR> □ : Lintel of Chinese and English name board, a piece of 3 boarding, be in harmony talk about fluorescent lamp of two 2 desk, chairs, 40W. &nbsp<BR> □ is smooth &nbsp ground: Do not offer any configuration, by ginseng exhibit company proper motion design, build outfit exhibit. <BR> □ has &nbsp notes: Need special explain beforehand please with report and apply for, rate detailed sees " join the manual that postpone business " . <BR> ■ □ of propagandist opportunity <BR> exhibits <BR> of meeting proceedings of a conferences to seal &nbsp face to seal the inside front cover end &nbsp / color of inside back cover crosses the page inside color of page of &nbsp of edition door leaf black and white inside page <BR>20000 yuan 18000 yuan 12000 yuan advertisement of 10000 yuan of other of 12000 yuan of □ of 6000 yuan of 4000 yuan of <BR> : 8000 yuan of RMBs / 45 minutes (offer the establishment such as field, lamplight, acoustics, desk and chair) . <BR> ■ □ of service project <BR> carries 200 words freely in proceedings of a conferences Neizhongyingwen brief introduction □ offers board and lodging and □ of <BR> of service of Wu of bill of transportation going there and back to assist a product to release reach conduct all sorts of business affairs activities □ is abroad exhibit business to offer declare at customs, Qing Dynasty closes reach item on display to carry service <BR> ■ ginseng exhibit demonstrative &nbsp<BR>1) put an end to fake commodity ginseng is exhibited, ginseng exhibit an enterprise to need to provide the proof data such as quality of business charter, product; To value intellectual property, ginseng exhibit business to be able to register the production, product that uses oneself registered trade mark with oneself name showpiece only, or the product of accredit representative, distribute. <BR>2) ginseng exhibit business to must not be made over exhibit, once discover, namely its join cancel exhibit a qualification. <BR>3) the enterprise fills appropriate " extend an application form " the fax after building official seal comes organizing committee, will exhibit a cost within 5 weekday one-time collect congress to assign account, in affirm after joining the ginseng that postpone business to exhibit aptitude, will send exhibit a confirmation. &nbsp<BR> ■ ground of connection means <BR> &nbsp location: Guangzhou city Song Baidong market 20 couplet cry trade center A 511 rooms (510405) <BR> report &nbsp word: 0086-20-6263 4718 &nbsp6263&nbsp4768<BR> is passed &nbsp is true: 0086-20-6263 4710 &nbsp6263&nbsp4767&nbsp<BR>E- - Mail:<BR> net &nbsp location:<BR> couplet &nbsp fastens a person: Hand of <BR> of bang swallow Miss &nbsp &nbsp machine: 13570980563</FONT></P>
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