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Besmear of the 4th international installs CIME 2008, eletroplate reach finishing

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<P><BR> Besmear of the 4th international installs &nbsp <STRONG>CIME&nbsp2008, eletroplate reach finishing [Beijing] exhibition </STRONG></P>
<P> When &nbsp Between &nbsp: On May 8, 2008 - 10 days of <BR> &nbsp ground &nbsp dot: Beijing north of &nbsp of center of Beijing ● China International exhibition 3 annulus east road 6 <BR> &nbsp<BR> supports an unit: Europe besmears alliance of outfit production business is met &nbsp Korea eletroplates the industry revitalizes meeting &nbsp<BR> Federation of &nbsp international finishing &nbsp whole world crosses a country to purchase a center &nbsp<BR> &nbsp Russia besmear installs allied association Productivity of &nbsp Hong Kong promotes bureau <BR> to sponsor an unit: Chinese Beijing machinist Cheng learns &nbsp China mechanical and electrical products is current association <BR> The machine in &nbsp of professional committee of outfit of besmear of society of machinist Cheng of &nbsp China Beijing assist mechanical fittings only appoint meeting <BR> Machinist Cheng of &nbsp China Beijing learns finishing branch &nbsp<BR> abroad organization: German cloth this <BR> of international exhibition limited company undertakes unit: Beijing Ao Chi can exhibit </P> of service limited company
<P> [exhibit meeting setting] &nbsp</P>
<P> is improved in the round as development of global economic integration and manufacturing industry market, our country already made the world besmear outfit, eletroplate reach finishing industry big country, outfit of domestic and international Yu Tu, eletroplate reach industry development the look of things is good closely related finishing industry, will install to our country besmear, eletroplate reach finishing industry industry to produce bigger demand market, bring infinite business chance to exhibit meeting ginseng to postpone a business. In the country the action of measure of policy of macroscopical adjusting control falls, chinese besmear outfit, eletroplate reached finishing industry industry to obtain apparent effect  , enter Chinese market to create good development condition to also bring new challenge to foreign capital enterprise at the same time. <BR> &nbsp is installed to cater to besmear, eletroplate the trend that reachs finishing industry industry to develop quickly, urge our country further besmear outfit, eletroplate those who reach finishing industry industry to apply technology and equipment standard rise, contented domestic and international relevant enterprise is applying the production of technology and equipment domain and trade demand, contractible the difference with international advanced technique, urge our country besmear outfit, eletroplate reach health of finishing industry industry to develop continuously, by Chinese Beijing machinist Cheng is learned, current association and Beijing Ao Chi can exhibit Chinese mechanical and electrical products service limited company sponsors jointly " outfit of besmear of CIME2008 Beijing international, eletroplate reach finishing exhibition &nbsp " on May 8, 2008, was in center of exhibition of Beijing • China International to hold on May 10. The enterprise that sponsors an unit to will invite country and the area such as the United States, England, Germany, Australia, Italy, Korea, Canada, Spain, Holand, Norway, Japan and Hong Kong and Taiwan at the appointed time will reveal them to be in visit course of study newest product, technology and equipment, . </P>
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